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I set up Pigface Press in 2005 to publish humin hopes so that this historic diary describing the voyage of the immigrant ship Constitution would be available for the 150th anniversary reunion of Constitution descendants. The book found a ready market not only among these descendants but also with those whose interests lie in the history of immigration or in voyages made in the days of the great sailing ships. As well, humin hopes has become an established reference work in university libraries, both in Australia and abroad.

We launched our website early in 2009 to find an even wider audience and at the same time published The Castle of Andalusia, a comedy by John O'Keeffe performed on Norfolk Island by convicts in 1840.

Pigface then branched out into marketing books from a range of publishers on a variety of topics, including my well-received Alias Blind Larry, the mostly true memoir of James Laurence the singing convict. This book is available here on the Pigface website through a link that connects you with the wonderful Avid Reader bookshop.

Rob Wills

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