humin hopes

The 1855 Diary of Charles Moore, English Immigrant to Australia on the Constitution
ISBN 0-0757654-0-X
2012 Reprint, with amendments and additions

With 'humin hopes' of a better life, the newly married Charles and Louisa Moore set sail for Australia in 1855 on the emigrant ship Constitution.

In a moving example of history written "from below" Charles, a plasterer by trade, kept a detailed diary of the voyage, of the time spent in quarantine on arrival, and of his first week working in Sydney town.

Written with verve and humour, his diary tells of ice bergs, smallpox, storms, births and deaths, and the rituals and routines of life at sea.

The troubled voyage was discussed at length in official correspondence of the day - now printed here along with the diary. A list compiled in 1855 of all the immigrants is included.

We also read of the 50th anniversary organised by the survivors in 1905, as well as 20 stories of Constitution immigrants' lives in Australia, written in 2005 by their descendants.

humin hopes gives a rich, rounded picture of immigrant life in the 1850s and after.

Rob Wills, editor of humin hopes, is a descendant of Constitution immigrants James and Jane Spring.

"This work is not only the publication of a rare diary, but is a perspective of shipboard life, of the hopes and fears of immigrants to Australia and of the realities of quarantine. It will resonate with all who have ancestors who emigrated to Australia in the days of sail."
Professor John Pearn, University of Queensland
Executive Member, International Society of the History of Medicine.

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